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This is me. The face behind FBSC. FBSC was born with the the goal to provide varied and progress-oriented training for people who want to become stronger, fitter and, most importantly, healthier. 

I’m a certified Eleiko Strength Coach and Pain Free Performance Specialist and I strive to continuously expand my knowledge on strength & conditioning training, programming principles and other areas of health and fitness.

5 years ago I was in bad shape, both mentally and physically. Weighing in at around 120kg, suffering from high blood pressure and regular back pain and far from being able to run even 1 kilometer or do a single pushup.

This is where my journey and my passion for fitness started. But FBSC is not about me.

My goal is to create a community of healthy and fit individuals that respect each other and their surroundings, face their fears head on and to make them able to better face tough situations in life – through training.

I’m happy to be called coach by many nowadays and I’m looking forward to everyone who wants to join the FBSC Team.



Eleiko Strength Coach L1

Pain Free Performance Specialist


ATC Powerlifting Meet 2019

GTD Online Qualification 2019 Rank 71/168


Drago Run Malmedy

Spartan Race Sprint Maastricht 

Spartan Race Super Paris

Spartan Race Beast Tirol

Spartan Race Super Morzine

Spartan Race Sprint Köln

Spartan Race Sprint Köln

Spartan Race Sprint München

Mudmasters – Alfa Bulletproof Heat

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